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Why the grand ave initiative?

The Saratoga Safer Streets Grand Ave initiative was started in April 2022 by neighbors living on and around Grand Ave in Saratoga Springs, New York. As a local thoroughfare for so many, making Grand Ave safer helps make the West Side safer!

This initiative was created as a way to connect the surrounding neighborhoods along the 3.8 miles of Grand Ave – and to organize efforts to improve traffic safety conditions for drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and residents along this heavily traveled route. If you are a Grand Ave area resident, or even if you just are a frequent traveler on Grand Ave please add your voice below.

Our goals

We are asking Saratoga Springs City Council to install safety measures, including sidewalks, shoulders, and bike paths on Grand Avenue from West Avenue to Rowland Street.

In 2020, we moved into our newly built dream home on the corner Grand Ave and Glenmore Ave. This dream home is situated at the bottom of a hill heading toward town. The posted speed limit is 30mph, however, we quickly learned that cars routinely drive 50-60mph (per a SSPD traffic study).

In the last years, I had my own major accident on Grand and West and we have had to call 911 for four additional incidents on our corner requiring emergency services. The most recent resulting in one person being brought to Albany Med with injuries.

We had been in contact with the SSPD and city officials, but this conversation has only just begun. As we spoke to our friends and neighbors along Grand Ave, we learned that we are not the only people concerned about the safety of this street, many neighbors have expressed concern through the years. Now, with the coming summer traffic, we realize that every second counts…Please volunteer to join us today so we can prevent a tragedy!

Rebecca Oppenneer
Rebecca Oppenneer