Million Dollar Idea

West Side Friends we need your help.

Now that we are all out walking, biking and running along Grand Ave, we NEED to make sure we keep the momentum going for a mixed use path on Grand Avenue. 

Together, with past support of the city council, we had begun to see some positive change on Grand (installing stop signs was a fantastic first step).  Then, the city issued a Request For Proposals or RFP to start the project which was initially a bit lofty in its scope, resulting in only one response.  

We recently learned that the City has 5 million dollars in Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) monies from past budget years and at least 1 million dollars of this has been earmarked for Grand Ave improvements.  

We need your help to keep moving this project forward!  

Would you please… 

  • EMAIL the Mayor’s Office and the DPW Office asking them to make a mixed use path on Grand Ave a priority of the city by reissuing the RFP.   
  • Tell them why this is important to you and your family  
  • SHARE and FORWARD this email to West Side friends so they can show City Council their support as well.  

Here are emails for the DPW and MAYORS offices.
Copy as a bunch and paste them into the “to” box on your email: 

Mayor John Safford <>,
Joanne Kiernan <>,
Susanna Combs <>,
DPW Commissioner Jason Golub <>,
Brooke Vanbuskirk <>,
Joe O’neil <>,
Michael Veitch <>

Thanks so much in advance for working together for a SAFER GRAND AVE!

Becca Oppenneer 
Organizer, Saratoga Safer Streets