History & Updates

City Seeking Proposals for Grand Ave. Project!

The city of Saratoga Springs is officially seeking proposals from professional consulting engineering firms to prepare preliminary engineering feasibility studies and detailed design services related to bicycle and pedestrian accommodations along Grand Ave. between West Ave. and Rowland St. Returned bids for the RFP (Request For Proposal) will be opened

Stop Signs Installed!

All-way Stop signs were installed today, August 17, 2023, at four intersections along Grand Avenue! The intersections where you will notice the Stop signs are Grand Ave. and: Slade Road Jenee Way and Knight Way Pine Road Glenham Ave. and Lee Drive This is a major step toward improving pedestrian

Great News! Stop signs are coming!

The Saratoga Springs City Council unanimously voted in favor of installing four stop signs along Grand Ave between West Ave and the City limits. An engineering study is forthcoming, however the Council decided that action could not wait until the study was completed.

Grand Ave stop signs!

Come support Grand Ave stop signs at tonight's City Council meeting We need as many people as possible to attend to show support for the immediate installation of stop signs.

Public Input Meeting Scheduled for July 12th

Please join us to share your voice and advocate for Grand Ave. improvements on July 12th. Details on meeting time and location are below. Here are the recommendations that will be discussed: Existing Conditions Assessment Recommendations Technical Memorandum

City Council passes Resolution to Fund Grand Ave Improvements

On June 8th, the Saratoga Springs City Council voted unanimously to fund Grand Avenue improvements.

Final output from “Reconnecting the West Side” study now available

The final output from the “Reconnecting the West Side” study is now available. There is an Existing Conditions assessment as well as a Recommendations Technical Memorandum that include Grand Avenue as a main focus area. Saratoga Safer Streets is in ongoing discussions with the City about next steps. We are pleased

Public Input Meeting Scheduled for February 8th

As a part of the Reconnecting the West Site project, CDTC, CDRPC and the City of Saratoga Springs are inviting and encouraging the public to attend a Stakeholder Meeting with the purpose of gathering feedback and experiences of traveling on the West Side of Saratoga Springs, including Grand Ave. There

Bicyclist Killed Near Intersection of West Ave and Grand Ave

On Friday December 16th, 2022, a bicyclist was devastatingly struck and killed by a pickup truck on West Avenue in the area of Grand Avenue at around 6:30 p.m. This terrible accident reinforces our call for safe bike and pedestrian access...

Project Kickoff: Reconnecting The West Side Technical Assistance Project

On December 1st, 2022 a formal kickoff to the Reconnecting the West Side Technical Assistance Project occurred with a site visit and a meeting at City Hall. This project is being led by CDTC (Capital District Transportation Committee) and CDRPC (Capital District Regional Planning Commission).

$1,000,000 for Grand Avenue Sidewalk / Mixed-use Trail

At tonight's City Council meeting, we received great news! DPW Commissioner Jason Golub announced that the City's 2023 budget will include a $1,000,000 line item for funding a sidewalk/mixed-use trail along Grand Avenue. The entire Council expressed their support for the project - and applauded our citizen activism! [watch video]

Help us raise $300 to order more yard signs!

Spread the word about the Saratoga Safer Streets: Grand Avenue Initiative with one of these handsome lawn signs. We're saving up to buy another batch. If you are interested, please let us know by chipping in. We're asking for $12 a sign. Click below to learn more.

Saratoga Safer Streets is 100+ Neighbors Strong

In a few short months, over a hundred of our Grand Avenue neighbors have signed up on this website to let their voices be heard. Many of you took a poll when you signed up. The tables below show the poll results. We all know that Grand Avenue is dangerous

City receives $13,500 CDTC grant for “Reconnecting the West Side”

The City has received a grant that will help to identify the safest pedestrian and bicycling routing options in a residential area along sections of Grand Ave, Pine Rd, and Kirby Rd to promote community connectivity and access in the West Side of Saratoga Springs.

Staying on the City Council’s radar during budget season

Saratoga Safer Streets has been focused on remaining on the Council's radar during budget season, to ensure funding for this project is allocated in 2023.

Saratoga Missing Sidewalk Links Project Update

The City is ready to start construction of the Missing Sidewalk Links Project. You may have seen the cones on Grand Ave marking the side of the road between West and Birch.

SSS attends the City Infrastructure Committee meeting

Saratoga Safer Streets attended the City Infrastructure Committee meeting where we learned there was a $1M budget surplus this year, with Mayor Kim expressing desire to use these funds for a safety/access project on Grand Ave.

View Our presentation at the City Council Meeting on September 6, 2022

At the September 6th Saratoga Springs City Council meeting, we presented data proving the unsafe conditions on Grand Ave as well as a call to action for the City to take steps toward making this roadway safe.

Saratoga Safer Streets Public Comments at August City Council Meeting

Watch a video of public comments delivered at the August 16 Saratoga Springs City Council Meeting. In total, about a dozen people shared their Grand Ave concerns at the meeting.

DPW Commissioner Jason Golub gives Support

Saratoga Safer Streets met with Department of Public Works Commissioner, Jason Golub, who expressed support for our efforts and invited us to present on his agenda at a future City Council meeting.

Police patrols on and around Grand Ave during June

Good news! Sgt. Mullan of the SSPD just notified us that the police will be patrolling Grand Ave and its surrounding streets for the month of June.

Welcome to Saratoga Safer Streets: Grand Ave Initiative

Saratoga Safer Streets was officially formed by neighbors with a shared goal of making Grand Ave a safer thoroughfare for West Side residents. SSS met with Sergeant Mullan from the SSPD who continues to provide increased patrols on Grand Ave while supporting our efforts by providing data, information, and support.