$1,000,000 for Grand Avenue Sidewalk / Mixed-use Trail

At this evening’s Saratoga Springs City Council meeting, we received great news! DPW Commissioner Jason Golub announced that the City’s 2023 budget will include a $1,000,000 line item for funding a sidewalk/mixed-use trail along Grand Avenue. The entire Council expressed their support for the project – and applauded our citizen activism!

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4 thoughts on “$1,000,000 for Grand Avenue Sidewalk / Mixed-use Trail”

  1. THANK YOU to the Commissioners for realizing the importance and urgency of this project, and for their efforts to keep West Side residents safe. Very excited for the future of Grand Avenue once the study is complete and construction is started!

  2. Food for though.

    We have two decent projects to as cost references.
    The ongoing missing links project and downtown connector project.

    The design fees for missing links came in at $217k and construction of the project was awarded at $1.7m. This project is some relatively straight forward concrete sidewalk work with little disruption to road surfaces and storm water infrastructure.

    The downtown connector project I believe was awarded closer to $1.9M construction and I assume the design fees were in the same ballpark. This project is a longer stretch of road and definitely more complex with several road crossings, but I think the relatively low cost is thanks to the use of asphalt instead of concrete for the majority of the stretch.

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